Monday, September 18, 2017

Preparation of a transaction account

Now that you have learnt on how to create a blog to be your platform, and you might have selected your niche, it is time to prepare for the next action - to prepare an online transaction account.

May be by the time you were waiting for my post on this, you would have customise your blog to suite your need and try to make it more beautiful and attractive based on he niche that you had selected. You had already acquired basic skills on how to do that from my previous posts, right?

There are quite a number of different organizations providing the internet transaction services. One of these, which is very famous and I had use it for years is PayPal. In this post, I am going to provide the first step guide in setting up a Paypal Account for free. Even thogh I had tried to capture some screen shot for this writing, but the actual display may be varies as the website was design and updated by Paypal.

You have to first go to and click on Sing Up to create a new account. Of course you can Log In if you have already had an account with Paypal. 

On selecting to Sign Up a new account, the following selection of account types will be available. An individual account will allow you to buy and pay with Paypal and a Business account will allow you to receive payment with PayPal. Of course a business account will also allow for payment. As we are talking abount earning money online, hence a business account is required.

Note: If you have had an individual account with Paypal previously, then you can log into you account and select to click a button to update it to business account at any time as needed. 

Select the correct account type as needed ( in our case, a business account). The screen shot above shows the selection and obviously the right side [Get Started] button is for openning of Business account.

On clicking the [Get Started] Button, Paypal system will prompt you to enter you e-mail address and then follow with a form for you to fill in necessary information.

You will be asked to enter your credit card information in the sign up process, This is required as the account will be linked to your credit card so that you can pay online, in which the same amount will be charged from your credit card. I remeber when I first signed up, I was asked for approval to allow for a charge of RM10 to confirmed that the credit card is linked properly. This RM10 is still stay in my account until later I started to make money and able to withdraw through a linked bank account.

I do believe that you can follow the neccesary guidance provided by Paypal for account setting up. Linkage to your credit card is to enable you to pay online and this is a minimum requirement because Paypal would have to ensure they have a way to charge you when you buy something online. You would have to link one of your bank account to Paypal too so that you can transfer the money from your Paypal account to your bank accordingly.

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