Thursday, July 27, 2017

Action is the only path to success: Create your first blog

Hi, Michael Beh here again,

As mentioned in my previous post, action is the only path to success. So it is time to start building your platform for money making.

Among various method that can be used as a money making platform, I am going to select blogging as the core of operating platform. And Google Blogger is what I select for my example. You must have a Google account to use this service provided by them. So if you have no Google account yet, please start with going to Google Signup page to create one. After having your account, then you can go to the blogger signup page to start creating a blog. The system will ask you to sign in if you have not done it yet.
Google Blogger Sign Up page
The blogger system will pop up a new blog creation page for you to key in necessary information. Please select an easy to understand and representative title so that your target audient will be able to find you easily.

The address is very particular and you can try the best to make it representative to your content, again for you audients to find you easily. However this is more difficult to achieve as it has to be unique as per Google Blogger's record. It means that it must be an address that no other people using. There is a little message under the field to alert you if the address is not available. So you have to try until you name an address that is available and the Tick on blue backgound is there to show you that this address is available.

Google Blogger New Blog Setup page

After deciding the Title and address, you can then select a Theme that you want and click on "Create" to starting the blog. Selection of theme is required but not particular here as you can edit it later. After you click the "Create blog" button, the system will take a shor while to set up and then your blog will be ready and you will be sent to the following page to work on your blog.

So you have your blog ready now and you can work on it. Please note that the title of your blog will appear on the top left column and below it is the "View Blog" link that you can click to check how your audient view your blog.
Your working platform to work on you blog.

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies

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