Sunday, July 23, 2017

The starting of this blog

This starts Today on 24th Jul, 2017. It is the day after I attended a 3-day training on "Internet Marketing" to learn on how to earn money online.

To be frank, I know about all the topics explained in the training for years. I even had used some of the web service providers many years back. It is after this training that only I realize there are some very important concept and strategy that I missed. Hence I decided to set up this blog and log in the progress I do step-by-step. It will serve as a record to my serve, but in longer terms, it could be a online guidance to all my friends who are interested in Making Money online to achieve their own aim in life.

This blog is set up on Blogger. As you can see from the picture below, it is a simple page with nothing on it at the moment, except the single button on it which sell an e-book, for those who are impatient to know more detail prior to by completion of setting up this guidance.

Do come back to visit my blog. You can also start to set up yours on the blogger so that you can practice my steps here as I progress.

If you are interested, here it is .....Another new blog I created on Personal Health Care. I am going to use this two blog as an example on how I progress in earning money from the internet market.

By referring to the two new blogs that I prepared, I am sure you would be able to see. There are simple blog, and I will guide you through step by step to get into more detail.

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