Saturday, July 29, 2017

Setting Theme and customize your blog

The picture below shows the working page or control panel of your blog after you created one. If you are not sure on how to create one, please check up this link.

If Google does not amend the outlook, you working page will be as shown in the picture with a list of fucntions on the left column. This is where you can carry out various customization of your blog. In this post, I am going to brief on the "Theme" setting function. You can clink on the Theme and the page will be as shown.

Blog Working page

The preview shows the view of your blog on both live page on desktop and mobile. You can customize them seperately. You will also note that there are two buttons under the live page, one indicated "Customize" and the other as "Edit HTML". Some experience people may want to edit the page with HTML code. As a beginner, I am sure you want thing to be easy and clicking the "Customize" button to get into the blog design page is simple.

On top of the blogger theme design page is your design panel whereas the bottom section is preview of your page as you work on.

I would like to suggest you to select the Theme function on the left side of the design panel. This will bring up a series of selection that you can select. Do select a few of them one by one so as to give you an idea on how the different theme looks like.

Adjust width is the function that you can adjust the width of the main panel or side column (also refers as Side bar). I would recommend to set the total width to 1200 and Side bar width to 300 for a two column blog. This make me feel easier to insert necessary link and banners in future.

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Next, select the layout functions and you would be able to select different type of layout as you like. I normally like to stick to two columns selection to make my blog looks "clean". Of course, this is personal choice, and it depends on the subject (always refer to the niche) of the market that your are selecting.

All the above steps should provide you with a good enough view of you blog outlook. After you become more familiar with blogging, then I am sure you would like to explore the advance function, where you can amend the design in more detail, including the font sizes, background and font colour of various components in your blog.

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