Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Create some pages in your blog

Hi, Michael Beh here again to continue on the guide on setting up the Guide on How to Earn Money Online guide.

I am sorry for a delay in this preparation because of busy schedule over last two weeks.

Today, I am going to guide about how to create new pages in your blog hosted on Blogger.com. If you are new to my blog and are not sure on where to start, then go to my Blog Content and start from the beginning in a step-by-step basis.

If you had been following my blog, then you should have setup a blog on Blogger.com. Go to www.blogger.com and sign-in to your account to access the blogger dashboard (or control centre). You should be able to read the name of your newly created blog on the upper left corner of the dashboard, right above the "View blog" function.

On the left column of the dashboard, you should see a column of menu showing various functions of blogger. I am going to guide about the "Pages" function (marked as 1 in the following picture). By clicking on the word "Pages" and selecting this function, All your pages (includes Drafted and Published pages) will be shown on the main display area on the right. You may not have the list of pages on the main area if this is your first selection of the pages function.

Click on the "New page" button (marked 2 in the picture) to create a new page. After you had created a few pages, the title of the pages will be shown as the list below this button. The sample page that shown in the picture below is titled as "Support Blog" and it is marked as 3 in the picture.

You can select the function right below the page title to "Edit", "View", "Share" of "Delete" it accordingly. I notice that the "Share" function here can only share the page on Google+. Nevertheless, this is not a concern to me as I can share it with different method. As for now, just create the pages needed for your blog will do.

After you click on the "New page" button marked 2 in the picture above, the following page editing window will pop up for you to edit you page. Key in your page title (marked 1 in the picture below) for this new page. There is a row of editing tools (marked 2 in the picture below) which is fairly easy to use. The area marked 3 is the body of your page. I am not going to go into too detail on the editing process at this moment because the same editing method will be used when you post your article later. Hence the editing method will be cover in more detail later.

For the time being, simply enter the title and type in some content into the body section. Create a few pages even though you may not have any content to write at this moment. My example that shown to you in the first picture includes "Support Blog", Blog Content", "Thank you very much", "About Michael Beh".

Even though the content is not ready yet, please remember to create at least three pages and "Publish" them by clicking the Publish button. These pages that created here will be used for the next setting process of your blog.

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