Sunday, August 20, 2017

The outlook of your existing blog

After following my blog over the last few posts, I am sure the following blog outlook looks familiar for you. You should be able to create a basic blog like the picture with the following 5 main features. The may looks different with different setting from you but the basic layout and the 5 features will be as per your setting.

Refer to the red circle number as 1 in the picture, this is the header of your blog. You can use the default image of the theme, with some title you typed in. Or you may have prepare a picture in JPG or PNG format with resolution of 1200 pixels-width X 250 to 380 pixels-high, even with the name of blog writen on the picture.

The red box number 2 is the brief description of your blog which you typed into the description field in the header of your blog layout design page.

Red box numbered 3 is the main body of you blog post. You can set to display 1 or many posts as per your preference by editing the main body section in the layout design page too. Red box numbered 4 is the side column which can be used for various purpose. Please note that the blog outlook of one main column (marked 3) with one right side column(marked 4) depends on the layout format you selected. It can varies depends on your selection.

Finally, the red box marked 5 is the navigation tabs row, which you created and finally select to display on the cross-column below the header in the layout design page. Selecting this "navigation tabs" will display your page accordingly, except the "Recent Post" which I change the name from "Home" to "Recent Posts" in my previous post on Set up pages to be navigation tabs

By selecting the related navigation tab and then scroll down to the bottom of you page, there is a pencil icon which you can click on to edit your page (as shown in the picture below). You can then edit your page accordingly.

In case you do not find the pencil to edit a page, most likely you are not logged into your account and is viewing your own page as a guest. Log into your account and you should be able to find the edit icon of pencil.

After editing you page, you can then click on the update button on the top right coner to update your page on your blog.

By now, I am sure you have had the basic skill of creating and configuring your blog on Do go ahead for some trial and practice until you have the blog outlook that you are happy with. I will let you free to play around on your blog for a while before I come back on my next post.☺

On the other hand, below is a place where you can buy a very good book "Google Blogger for Dummies" in which you can have more detail reference on how to create a very well presentable blog on Google Blogger. Click on the book to find out more detail.

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