Sunday, August 20, 2017

Setup pages to be navigation TABs on your blog

In the last post, I write about how to use the "Pages" function of and how to create a few pages. I did advise you to try create a few pages regardless of the content at that time. The main reason of creating a few pages is to make sure that you do have a few pages with title that you are familiar with. These pages will be used in this post to set up a few selection tabs in your blog.

Let go back to the dashboard of your blog. Select the "Layout" function on the side menu. The layout customisation page of your will be displayed. On this page, you would be able to see the now familiar sections of headers, body, sidebar, footers and etc. There is an "Add a Gadget" section that I am going to guide you through today. This "Add a Gadget" section can appear on either the left or right side menu, depending on the layout format you set. You can add a gadget by clicking on this link.

There will be quite a number of different gadget that you can select to add onto your blog. In my post today, we are going to add the "Pages" gadget as shown in the following picture. This is a gadget to customise the display of the pages you created on the last post.

By selecting to add the "Pages" gadget, the following pop up window will allow you to configure the list of pages you had created and published. The Title field (marked #1) is optional. Just provide a name so that it will be display as the name of the a section in the layout view on your blog dashboard.

In the red box marked #2 in the above picture is where you can decide on which page to display on the section of your blog. Take note on the default page with default name "Home". This is a page that you cannot customise but designed to display your blog post in an descending chronological sorting. The newest post will be displayed before the elder post. The default name of "Home" can be edited. I am changing it to name as "Recent Post" in this blog.

As shown in the above example, I selected the "Home"  and renamed it to "Recent Post" together with "Support Blog", "Blog Content" and "About Michael Beh". The "Thank you very much" page is left out because it is to be used for different purpose.

You can drag the selected pages in the red box marked#3 to your preferred sorting order. Please take note on the brief explanation by blogger before the save button that you can move the gadget to header section to display pages title as Tabs of your blog or leave it in the side column so that your pages title will be display as related links on the side column.

Finally, click the "Save" button to save the configuration and you will be brought back to the layout design page on you dashboard.

In the layout design page, you newly created "Top Menu" gadget will be shown on the side column, because I guide you to add the gadget there. You can then drag it to the area below the "Header" section of your layout. Alternatively, if you started of adding gadget with the "Add a Gadget" by the "Cross-Column" Section, the newly created "Top Menu" will be appearing there. And of course you can drag it to the side column if you want.

Click on the "View Blog" link below your blog title and your blog will be displayed as per how your visitor will view it.

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