Monday, August 14, 2017

Trying out in auto responder

Life may not be as smooth as planned. A lot of issues creep in this month. Do not manage to have time sitting down and prepare the next step of action.

Meanwhile, I am testing out some function in the auto responding provider that I had just sign up under this account name. Some people may have noticed the profile section on this blog had changed. It is now a form created with auto-responder platform.

If you are not sure on what is auto responder now, don't worry. As mentioned, I am testing it and will show you how to do it in one if the future step.
In order to make your online business grow, this is an essential step. I am trying to get the step clearer before put them down into my guide here.

Sorry for missing out this month and hope that you can understand why the step by step guide is not progress as planned.

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